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2017 12th APEC Emergency Preparedness Working Group Meeting

Date : 2017-08-21 ~ 2017-08-22
Proposing APEC Economy : Vietnam
Co–sponsoring APEC Economy/Economies :
Organizer(s) :
Venue : Rex Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City

Event Description

In its first day of meeting, the EPWG presided its 12th plenary session. Participants in the meeting were briefed on the preliminary report of the 11th plenary session. They then discussed the deliverables of the Project of Enhancing Rural Disaster Resilience through Effective Infrastructure Investment as well as measures to implement effectively the APEC Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Framework. Adopted in 2015, the DRR Framework aims to contribute to adaptive and disaster-resilient Asia-Pacific economies that can support inclusive and sustainable development in the face of increasing natural disasters. This Framework cuts across all areas of the APEC agenda, including agriculture; forestry; fisheries; trade and investments; energy; micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs); infrastructure development; critical infrastructure resiliency; financial resiliency; health; gender; food security; science and technology; ecological integrity….

Source: https://www.apec2017.vn/ap17-c/press-release/som-3-and-related-meetings-continues-fourth-working-day


Date Topic
2017-08-21 Adopted Agenda Download
2017-08-21 11th Emergency Preparedness Working Group Meeting Summary Download
2017-08-21 Draft Agenda for the 11th Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum Download
2017-08-21 APEC Online-to-Offline Initiative - Enhancing SME Digital Competitiveness and Resilience Towards Quality Growth Download
2017-08-21 Update on Supply Chain Resilience Project - Best Practices in Policies, Regulations and Flexibility for Resilience of Global Value Chains Download
2017-08-21 Workshop on Best Practices on Disaster Risk Reduction Policy Design to Promote Local Level Action Download
2017-08-21 Papua New Guinea EPWG 2018 Preparation Download
2017-08-21 Project Update Download
2017-08-21 Pre and Post Disaster Planning - The World Vegetable Center Household Garden Model Download
2017-08-21 Australia’s Implementation of the Sendai Framework and the APEC Disaster Risk Reduction Framework Download
2017-08-21 Tropical Cyclone Debbie, Queensland, Australia, 28 March - 7 April 2017 Download
2017-08-21 Invitation for APEC Workshop on Enhancing Rural Disaster Resilience Through Effective Infrastructure Investment Download
2017-08-21 10th Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum on Emergency Preparedness for Supply Chain and Emergency Food Security - Presentation Download
2017-08-21 11th Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum - Presentation Download
2017-08-21 Priorities and Building Up the National Center for Disaster Management Download
2017-08-21 Prevention of Natural Disasters in Viet Nam Download
2017-08-21 Proposal for Research and Investment Activities in the Coast and Estuaries (A Case Study in the North Central Coast of Viet Nam) Download
2017-08-21 Research on Using Space Technology for Disaster Prevention and Control in Viet Nam Download
2017-08-21 Enhancing Rural Disaster Resilience Through Effective Infrastructure Development Download
2017-08-21 APEC Summit on Resilience and Capacity Building Training Download
2017-08-21 Regional and Local Best Practices of Post-Disaster Recovery: Building Sustainability and Resilience Through Scientific Approaches Download
2017-08-21 Committee on Trade and Investment Activities Regarding Workshop on Capacity Building for Quality Infrastructure Investment in Rapidly Urbanizing APEC Region Download
2017-08-21 Philippines Update on Recent Disasters Download
2017-08-21 Briefing on Heavy Rainfall and Mudslide in June in Chinese Taipei Download
2017-08-21 Peru’s Economic Present Situation and Infrastructure After El Nino Coastal Phenomenon Download
2017-08-21 Abnormal Behavior of Storm and Tropical Cyclones That Hit Viet Nam Download
2017-08-21 Developing Disaster Safety Criteria at Commune Level Mainstreaming into Building New Rural Development and Process of Building the Model to Expand at Wide-Scale Download
2017-08-21 APEC Guidelines for Promoting Cross-Fora Collaboration Download
2017-08-21 Policy Dialogue on Science, Technology, Innovation, Food Security, Climate Change and Gender Empowerment by “Plant Back Better” Initiatives Download