Date Disaster Event
2018-01-09 Flash flooding and mudslides struck Southern California
2018-01-11 Volcano erupts in Indonesia's Bali
2018-01-14 PNG volcanic eruption
2018-01-22 Volcanic Eruption in central Japan
2018-01-23 Philippine volcano eruption
2018-02-06 6.4 Magnitude Quake Hits Chinese Taipei
2018-02-16 7.2 &5.9 Earthquake struck Maxico
2018-02-19 Indonesia’s Massive Volcano Eruption
2018-02-26 7.5 earthquake hit earthquake
2018-04-09 Strong earthquake rattles Shimane Prefecture in western Japan
2018-04-10 6.2 quake strikes Chile
2018-04-11 Kyushu landslide
2018-05-05 Hawaii volcano eruption
2018-05-13 Earthquake rattles Southern California
2018-05-27 Ellicott City affected by flooding
2018-06-18 Japan quake: Strong tremor shakes Osaka
2018-06-24 Downpours in southern China
2018-07-01 California wildfires
2018-07-05 Landslide, flood warnings as heavy rain lashes wide area of Japan
2018-07-12 Typhoon Maria inflicts in eastern China
2018-07-12 Deadly floods hit the northwest and southwest China
2018-07-16 Heavy downpours in Beijing
2018-07-22 Flash rains cause flooding in Philippines
2018-07-23 Flooding and landslides hit Vietnam
2018-07-29 Earthquake struck Lombok in Indonesia
2018-08-04 Heavy rains trigger flood in northwest China
2018-08-09 Earthquake hit Lombok and Bali in Indonesia
2018-08-11 Heavy rain floods Metro Manila
2018-08-19 Typhoon Bebinca hit Vietnam
2018-08-25 Massive flooding in southern Chinese Taipei
2018-09-04 Typhoon Jebi batters Japan
2018-09-05 6.7 Magnitude Quake Strikes Hokkaido, Japan
2018-09-16 Typhoon Mangkhut smash the northern Philippines
2018-09-16 Typhoon Mangkhut leaves Hong Kong in tatters
2018-09-16 Typhoon Mangkhut lands on south China coast
2018-09-17 Florence storm hit North and South Carolina, USA
2018-09-21 Tornadoes hit Ottawa area
2018-09-21 Landslide in Cebu, the Philippines
2018-09-28 Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami
2018-09-30 Typhoon Trami hit Japan
2018-10-07 Typhoon Kong-rey hits South Korea
2018-10-12 Flash flooding and landslides devastate Indonesia
2018-12-23 Tsunami caused by the Anak Krakatau volcano in Indonesia
2018-12-30 Tropical cyclone Usman hit the central Philippines