Date Disaster Event
2011-01-16 Floods in Philippines
2011-02-02 Queensland Hit by a Powerful Cyclone
2011-02-04 Most Accumulated Snow in 7 Years in South of Chinese Taipei
2011-02-14 Highway Blocked by Blizzard in South Korea
2011-02-16 Powerful Snow Struck Asia and America
2011-02-16 Powerful Snow Struck Japan
2011-03-11 An 8.9-magnitude Earthquake in Japan
2011-03-18 Nuclear Crisis in Japan
2011-03-23 Another Quake Shook Northeast Japan
2011-05-25 Typhoon Songda Caused Floods along the Coast of Northeast Japan
2011-06-04 Devastating Tornados Struck the States
2011-06-05 Volcano Activity in Chile Cast Influence across the Pacific Ocean
2011-06-13 Earthquakes Struck Indonesia
2011-06-13 Series of Major Quakes Raised Difficulties of Reconstruction for Christchurch New Zealand
2011-06-14 Torrential Rain Caused Casualties in Southern China
2011-06-20 Earthquake Hit Southwest China
2011-06-20 Torrential Rain Caused Major Casualties in China
2011-06-20 A 6.5 Quake Took Place in Northern Chile
2011-06-21 Wild Fire Struck Southwestern US
2011-06-22 Flood Swelled in Minot, North Dakota
2011-06-23 A 6.7 Temblor Shook Northern Japan
2011-06-25 Typhoon Meari Caused Devastation in the Philippines
2011-06-29 Typhoon Meari Cast Impacts on South Korea
2011-06-30 Tropical Storm Arlene Threatened Mexico
2011-07-04 Tropical Storm Arlene Causes 17 Deaths in Mexico
2011-07-05 Heavy Rain Leads to Fatal Crisis of Mines in Southwest China
2011-07-07 New Zealand Prepared for a Possible Tsunami Following a Major Quake
2011-07-10 Strong Earthquake Shook the Philippines
2011-07-12 Major Earthquake Struck off the Northeastern Coast of Japan
2011-07-12 Severe Thunderstorms Impact upon Northeastern States in USA
2011-07-15 Strong Earthquake Struck Chilean Coast
2011-07-18 Indonesia Volcanic Eruption Rouses Alert
2011-07-20 Chilean Officials Declared Snow Catastrophe
2011-07-22 Hurricane Dora Weakened off the Mexican Coast
2011-07-26 Heat Wave Struck over Portions of Eastern and Central USA
2011-07-26 A 5.9 Quake Struck off the Coast of Mexico
2011-07-27 Torrential Rain Caused 35 deaths in South Korea
2011-07-27 Slow-moving Tropical Storm Causes Casualties in the Philippines
2011-07-29 Follow-up to Devastating Inundation in South Korea
2011-08-08 Tropical Storm Muifa Impacts on Korea and China
2011-08-28 Hurricane Irene Exacted a Heavy Toll on North Carolina State
2011-08-28 Powerful Typhoon Nanmadol Caused Deaths in the Philippines
2011-08-29 Troops Deployed in Chinese Taipei for Tropical Storm Nanmadol
2011-09-05 Death Toll Rose as Typhoon Talas Slammed Western Japan
2011-09-05 Wildfires Burned Across Texas
2011-09-21 7 Dead in Japan as Roke Downgraded to Tropical Storm
2011-09-25 EF-1 Tornado Struck Mississippi State
2011-09-27 Typhoon Nesat Killed at Least 7 in the Philippines