Annual Calender

2017 11th APEC Emergency Preparedness Working Group Meeting

Date : 2017-02-18 ~ 2017-02-19
Proposing APEC Economy : Vietnam
Co–sponsoring APEC Economy/Economies :
Organizer(s) : Vietnam
Venue : Sheraton Nha Trang

Event Description

The EPWG, IPEG, PPSTI and CD concluded with progress in many areas. Member economies agreed on susbstantive work in preparation for the High-Level Policy Dialogue on Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture in Response to Climate Change - a Ministerial-level Meeting to be held in Can Tho City this August. Other topics discussed during the meetings were strategies to meet intellectual property needs of micro, small and medium size enterprises (MSMEs); disaster risk reduction using science and technology; cooperation between industry and governments to improve chemical product stewardship and safe use; and science capacity and enabling environment for innovation, to name a few.



Date Topic
2017-02-18 Draft Agenda Download
2017-02-18 10th Emergency Preparedness Working Group Meeting Summary Download
2017-02-18 Proposed EPWG 2017 Workplan Download
2017-02-18 Recent Major Disasters and New Policy Initiatives Download
2017-02-18 Indonesia Post Disaster Needs Assessment Download
2017-02-18 Project Update Download
2017-02-18 Recommendations to APEC Economic Leaders and Senior Officials from the 4th Meeting of the APEC Chief Science Advisors and Equivalents in Lima, Peru, 18-19 August 2016 Download
2017-02-18 EPCC2017 Workplan Download
2017-02-18 APEC Workshop on Tsunami Disaster Reduction Download
2017-02-18 Leveraging on Technology to Build a Lean and Effective Organization Download
2017-02-18 Strengthening Leadership in Disaster Management Download
2017-02-18 Managing Risks Through Preparedness Activities in Indonesia Download
2017-02-18 2017 APEC Viet Nam Priorities Download
2017-02-18 Brief introduction on the Initiative to Live with the New Normal: Enhancing APEC’s Coastal Deltas to Live More Resilience with ‘New Normal’ by Fostering Science Technology Innovation Download
2017-02-18 National Disaster Risk in Viet Nam in the Period 2006 – 2016 and Forecasting and Warning System Download
2017-02-18 Viet Nam Search and Rescue to Present Natural Disaster Search and Rescue Activities in Viet Nam Download
2017-02-18 Input from Minister of Health on the Activities to Ensure Safe Water, Environment, Sanitation After Natural Disaster Download
2017-02-18 Innovations and Investments on Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction Download
2017-02-18 Disaster Risk Reduction in New Normal: The Philippine Experience Download
2017-02-18 Advanced Technologies Download
2017-02-18 ICT and Risk Informed Decision Making for Resilient Development Download
2017-02-18 Institutionalizing Early Warning Systems Download
2017-02-18 Promotion of Evidence-Based Disaster Risk Reduction Using Science and Technology Download
2017-02-18 APEC Project on Workshop on Tsunami Disaster Risk Reduction Download
2017-02-18 Reviews and Reflections on 2016 Typhoon Season in Chinese Taipei Download
2017-02-18 Major Disaster in China 2016 Download
2017-02-18 Floods Situation in Central Viet Nam Download
2017-02-18 Follow Ups of Kumamoto Earthquake Download
2017-02-18 Enhancing Rural Disaster Resilience Through Effective Infrastructure Investment Download
2017-02-18 Plant Back Better Download