Nuclear Crisis in Japan

The recent outbreak of the 9.0 earthquake followed by a devastating
tsunami had caused critical damage to the reactors in a nuclear plant at
The earthquake took place with the epicenter situated north-east to
Japan under the Pacific Ocean. The major quake of shallow depth then
triggered a devastating tsunami which battered massive regions in east
Japan as well as a nuclear plant at Fukushima, breaking reactors 1 and 3.
The destruction caused a blast which led to a leak of radioactivity ever
since Saturday the 12th. A subsequent blast in reactor 2 took place in the
following week and soon afterwards, radioactivity was also found in
reactor 4. There has been speculation on the cause of blasts being the
buildup of hydrogen. The authority has imposed exclusion area as far as
12 miles and urged residents within 30 km to stay indoors to decrease
exposure to radioactivity. The death toll has risen above 5,600 so far, and
nearly 10,000 people are still missing while more have been staying in the
Fire trucks from surrounding regions have been summoned to hose down
the overheated reactors. Meanwhile, the officials are looking to restoring
electricity cables from the grids to at least two of the reactors by the end
of this week.