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School Earthquake Safety in APEC Economies: Reducing Risks and Improving Preparedness

Date : 2011-10-17 ~ 2011-10-19
Proposing APEC Economy : United State
Co–sponsoring APEC Economy/Economies : Chinese Taipei, New Zealand, Australia, Peru
Organizer(s) : United State
Venue : Chinese Taipei

Event Description

The three-day workshop explored recent disaster experiences, issues affecting safety in schools and policies to improve school safety and resilience. On the first day, it focused on providing basic information on the safety of schools during natural hazard events. It included expert reports on natural hazards in the APEC economies, school building vulnerability and case studies from recent events. On the second day, it featured a field trip to the 921 Earthquake Museum in Tai-chung, the central area of Chinese Taipei, which was struck by the September 21, 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake. Besides visiting the museum, the field trip visited schools that were rebuilt after the earthquake. On the third day, it included discussions on existing policies in APEC economies and policies relevant to all APEC economies and workshop participants considered a consensus statement summarizing APEC-wide norms.


Date Topic
2011-10-16 School Earthquake and Tsunami Safety in APEC Economies: Reducing Risk and Improving Preparedness Download
2011-10-17 Seismotectonics, Earthquake Hazard, and Schools in the APEC Region Download
2011-10-17 Commemoration and Reconstruction of 1999 Taiwan Chi-Chi Earthquake Download
2011-10-17 Volcanic Hazards Issues for Schools Download
2011-10-17 Why Schools Are Vulnerable to Earthquakes Download
2011-10-17 Keeping Students Out of Harm’s Way: School Safety in Earthquake, Tsunami and Volcano Zones Download
2011-10-17 Education for Natural Disaster Preparedness in Chinese Taipei Download
2011-10-17 APEC EPWG Taipei October 2011 ‘Improving Disaster Resilience for School Children – Community Awareness’ Download
2011-10-17 New Zealand Presentation on the Christchurch Earthquakes – Our Recovery Story Download
2011-10-17 Seismic Mitigation Plan Download
2011-10-17 The GeoHazards International & OECD School Seismic Safety Guidelines Download
2011-10-18 Draft Workshop Statement on School Safety in Natural Hazard Events Download
2011-10-19 Tsunami Preparedness: Schools and Communities Download
2011-10-19 Corporate Social Responsibility Funded Projects Case Studies in Peru and Indonesia Download
2011-10-19 APEC School Safety Questionnaire Findings Download
2011-10-19 Natural Disasters, Schools, and the APEC Education Network (EDNET) Download
2011-10-19 Workshop Results Download